Outstanding Achievements

Ministry of Interior Affairs, Thailand
  • Consultant to Ministry of Interior (1997-1998)
In the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy, and the Environment, Thailand
  • Consultant to Minister of Science, Technology, Energy, and Environment (2000-2001)
In the Ministry of Transportation
  • Board of committee considering budget allocation of Road Safety Funds of the Ministry of Transportation (2005- present)
  • Board of Director of National Transportation Company Limited (2005-2006)
Specially – Assigned from The Royal Thai Police
  • Chief of committee setting up traffic administration strategy for Royal Thai Police(2005-2006)
  • Major representative of Royal Thai Police, in field of drug elimination, by community initiatives (2005- present)
  • Representative of Royal Thai Police in cooperation with Suwannaphum Airport to establishing Police Station in the new airport (2003 - 2005)