Academic Papers and Books
  • New Wave Leadership (1996)
  • Five S Techniques to Increase Working Efficiency (1994)
  • Techniques of Successfully Working to Impress a  Supervisor (1995)
  • How to Establish Community Force for Sustainable Drug Elimination in the Community (2002)
  • Mass Media and Rural Development (1995)
  • Strategy of Protection and Elimination of Vehicle Robberies (1992)
  • Meanings of Love (2001)
  • Meanings of Lover (2002)

  • Effects of the Pilot Project of Drug Elimination in the Community by Community Force  (2003)
  • Conflicts Between Groups: Case study of the Royal Thai Police (1994)
  • Training Needs Assessment of Police Officers (1995)
  • Feasibility Study of Automatic Fingerprints Identification System Machine in the Royal Thai Police (1989)
  • The Relationship Between Industrial Investment and Rural Development (1994)
Academic Paper and Research