Royal  Thai Police

21.Advisor(Level 10) (Crime Prevention And Suppression  11)
20.Assistant Commissioner General, Royal Thai Police
19.Commissioner of  Police Education Bureau
18.Deputy Police Commissioner of Royal Police Cadet Academy
17.Deputy Police Commissioner of Police region 2
16.Deputy Police Commissioner of Police region 4
15.Deputy Police Commissioner of  Police Education Bureau
14.Deputy Police Commissioner of Police region 4
13.Deputy Police Commissioner, Office Attached  to the Commissioner General (2006)
12.Police Commander, Highway Police(2005)
11.Police Commander, Samutprakarn  Province (2004)
10.Police Commander, Trad  Province (2003)
9.Deputy Police Commander, Forensic of  Police Provincial Bureau Region 1(2002)
8.Deputy Police Commander, Police Human Resource Development  Institute ( Responsible for Instructing) (1997)
7.Inspector Police, Public Relation  Sub-Division (1993)
6.Aid  to the Police Commissioner, Special Branch (1992)
5.Aid  to the Police Commissioner, National Interior Security Institution (1991)
4.Investigation  Inspector, Saraburi Provincial Police (1990)
3.Deputy  Inspector, Discipline Section of  Police Provincial Bureau Region 1 (1988)
2.Deputy  Inspector, Samrongtai  Police Station, Samutprakarn  Province (1987)
1.Deputy  Inspector, Phrasamutjedi Police Station, Samutprakarn  Province (1984)